Fitness for Tennis Players

Inspired by the star power of the Williams sisters? Looking to imitate Sam Groth’s record setting serve? Or simply fancy mixing it up this summer? Whatever your reasons for playing tennis are, passion alone won’t get you where you need to be, so take a look at these health and fitness tips for the budding […]

Taking a Bet on Murray for Wimbledon?

Andy Murray is the Wimbledon defending champion and one of the favourites coming in to the grass court season this year. He will be playing at Queens Club tomorrow and is the favourite to win the tournament there, but with no Nadal, Federer or Djokovic, then it would seem that he should win it, although […]

Tennis Backhand – Use The Tennis Slice

The tennis backhand slice is a VERY useful shot to learn, it is a fantastic ‘rhythm messing up’ shot! and can be played equally for attacking and defending… However, this article is dedicated to the tennis slice and the first thing to check is the backhand grip and get the steps to hitting a tennis […]

The Fundamental Tennis Forehand Stroke

Your tennis forehand stroke should come first! It is one of the most important shots as it can be played from anywhere in the court! Basically, it is preferential to have a strong forehand tennis game as, statistically, it is the most frequently used shot. There are two types of forehand tennis stroke: Inside In […]

Top tennis drills – Find Your Tennis Drill

If you are a competition addict, like me, then tennis drills will probably be less fun as getting out there on a clay tennis court and playing some points. Nevertheless, it so important. There must be a balance between training and competition. If you are well prepared it inspires confidence and therefore relieves pressure in […]

Fun Tennis Drills – Tennis Fun Has Begun

Fun tennis drills can be a great way to improve, and of course, have a load of tennis fun on the court. I will show you some of the drills that I find most fun. Personally, I find drills with points more fun than non-competitive drills 🙂 Either way ill talk about both. Competitive Fun […]

Tennis Drills For Kids

Tennis drills for kids should, ideally, provoke learning while still maintaining the fun of tennis. These drills are designed to expand on the fundamentals of the game while implementing numerous interesting coordination exercises that will help the children gain hand eye coordination. Remember, when teaching little kids tennis, make sure to keep a close eye […]