Fun tennis drills can be a great way to improve, and of course, have a load of tennis fun on the court.

I will show you some of the drills that I find most fun. Personally, I find drills with points more fun than non-competitive drills 🙂

Either way ill talk about both.

Competitive Fun Tennis Drills

This first fun tennis drill could be in the doubles section, but its way to fun to put there!

MJ drill… I’m not sure why it is called MJ drill actually, but you will need at least six people. Generally, the more the merrier!

Firstly, everybody will need to pair up. Two people will start volleying at the net. Another two will start on the baseline, and the rest of the couples will be lined up behind the baseline pair.

Then, a ball will be fed into the mid court and the baseline pair will have to win two out of three points to get to the other side.

The overall goal is to be the first pair to get to eleven points! But, you only count the points that you win at the net side.

So that the two players that start at the net do not have an advantage, due to starting in the ideal position, they start on minus two points.

The next of the fun tennis drills is called…

tennis drills

Four Square, this drill is a nice change because it does not involve much running or a large energy input! I have seen tennis players play this for several hours in a row simply enjoying the fun tennis. They never seem to get tired or want to stop.

This is a service box drill and works on your hand skills. You need four people as one person will be in each of the service boxes.

The idea is its every man for himself, you can play anywhere in the other three service boxes. However, the only rule is you must play soft and cant hit balls downwards.

So that means you do not have to hit it over the net if you do not want to. Instead, you could just hit the ball to the guy beside you. Just tap it laterally. Try get it into one of the corners of his box so that he has a difficult shot.

There is a lot of bluffing in this drill which makes it even funnier! Have a go at it, Its addictive though 🙂

Thirdly, Lets not forget about…

Around The World as its very common and has to be one of the fun tennis drills!

This again, is another fun tennis activity for as many people as possible, but it is an individual game. There will be two lines of people, one on either side of the court. When its your turn you hit one ball then run round, past the net, to the other side.

Normally you have three lives and every time you miss you loose one. Once at zero, you are out of the game and will have to wait on the sideline.

Once there are only two people left. They will have to hit the ball, drop their racket, turn around 360 degrees and play the next ball! Great banter.

I would not say around the world is beneficial to any specific parts of your game! Some may argue with that. Anyways… It is still a fun drill. 🙂

Ping Pong is up at the top, in my list, for fun tennis drills.

This tennis fun packed drill has a four player minimum. This is a team game and there are two teams, one on either side of the net. The first person from each team will hit one ball, then, step back behind the last person in the line on his team.

This drill is a fun way to practice your heavy deep balls! The idea being that you will push your opponent back and hopefully get a short ball for your partner who can then step up and rip it.

Non Competitive Fun Tennis Drills

I suppose you could make these fun tennis drills competitive, by adding tennis scoring, if you wanted. But that’s always the case with tennis isn’t it? These are great drills and good tennis fun for two players!

Cross Court Vs Down The Line is a good drill for two players. One player will play everything cross court while the other player plays everything down the line.

Try to play five balls each in the court, then try to hit a good shot to finish. You can guess that this drill is tiring!!

So try a less tiring version, if you want. One player will play 2 balls cross court then one ball down the line. The other player will play everything cross court.

Once again try to make five balls each then have a go at a fun tennis shot!