Tennis Drills For Kids

Tennis drills for kids should, ideally, provoke learning while still maintaining the fun of tennis. These drills are designed to expand on the fundamentals of the game while implementing numerous interesting coordination exercises that will help the children gain hand eye coordination. Remember, when teaching little kids tennis, make sure to keep a close eye […]

Baseline Tennis Strategies and Tactics!

For the sake of clarity tennis strategies will be broken down into sections such as baseline strategy or serving strategies. Why Baseline Tactics? The baseline is where you will spend most of your time in a tennis match, and at the end of the day it is these strategies that are going to bring home […]

The appropriate tennis doubles strategy!

Tennis doubles strategy is probably the diamond in the rough of tennis. This section will describe the tactics and the strategies and then suggest ways in which you can capitalize on those tactics! Remember, practicing your doubles and the tactics are equally important so I suggest you read over the doubles tennis drills aswell! 🙂 […]