The tennis backhand slice is a VERY useful shot to learn, it is a fantastic ‘rhythm messing up’ shot! and can be played equally for attacking and defending…

However, this article is dedicated to the tennis slice and the first thing to check is the backhand grip and get the steps to hitting a tennis slice clear. Yes, there are 4 simple steps to hitting a good slice! Anyway make sure you are holding your racket in a Chopper Grip.

The chopper grip is also called the continental grip! So don’t let that throw you off. It is literally the grip you would “chop” wood with, if you were holding an axe. You can read more about it and how to find it by following the link.

Firstly, you are going to need to begin with your racket head up high (your racquet head will be around the same height as your head).This is to try to avoid the most common mistake of the tennis backhand slice which is to swing horizontally through the ball. If you swing horizontally the ball will float up like a milkshake.

Secondly, when you hit the ball let your arm follow the trajectory of the ball. Do not swing your arm round, your chest should be closed from your opponent. If you have a logo on your t-shirt your opponent should not be able to read it.Try focusing on the feeling when you make contact with the ball, or the nice pop sound when you hit. It will help you 🙂

Thirdly, your stance must of course be closed… If your right handed this will mean your right foot nearest the net and your left foot 180 degrees behind.

Fourthly, your weight is VERY important in your tennis backhand slice. You must move through the ball when you hit. To do this, you will step through with your left foot (if your right handed) behind your right foot as you play the shot. This should feel natural, if your weight is going forwards.Do not TRY and make it happen. LET it happen as your body naturally moves with the transfer of weight.

This will really help your slice skid through the court and keep low. Practice it until it becomes a weapon, People will wonder how you got it through customs!

So now you should use it wisely…