Tennis drills for kids should, ideally, provoke learning while still maintaining the fun of tennis. These drills are designed to expand on the fundamentals of the game while implementing numerous interesting coordination exercises that will help the children gain hand eye coordination.

Remember, when teaching little kids tennis, make sure to keep a close eye out for any stray balls that may be rolling across the court.

Warm Up Drills

Tennis Drills For Kids #1 – Kickups

Each player takes 1 ball and his or her racquet . Then they start bouncing the ball up and down on their racquet trying to get to 10 bounces without the ball hitting the ground.

Once completed, it’s time to step it up. See if they can get 10 bounces bouncing the first bounce with their palm facing upward, then, flip the racquet 180 degrees and hit the second bounce with the other side of the strings (Knuckles facing upwards).

Tennis Drills For Kids #2 – Raining Balls

This is another popular warm up drill which is a little like musical chairs, but with tennis 🙂 It works well with a bunch of kids.

Ask the children to line up along the net, then take out one less ball then the total amount of kids. Make sure they are facing away from you and then through the balls over their heads. Whoever, did not get a ball throws the ball next time or keep reducing the amount of balls till there is a winner.

Tennis Drills For Kids #3 – Mini Tennis

This drill is a classic tennis drill and most players will do it everyday before hitting. It is a warm up drill for kids and adults as It works on your hand eye coordination, top spin, and feel for the ball.

Hit the ball into each others service box. Any ball that goes out of the service box lines is “out” and volleying is pretty much the only thing your not allowed to do.

A maximum of 4 people can work on this drill per court, using parallel service boxes.

Tennis Drills For Kids #4 – Relay

This drill needs at least four people (two teams of two). The first person in each team starts with one ball and bounces the ball against the floor while running to the net, on the way back the player must pass the ball to his partner who then proceeds to do the same. See which team comes in first 🙂

tennis-drills-for-kidsMain Event Drills

Tennis Drills For Kids #1 – Rounders!

This is a fun tennis drill and instructional tennis drill for kids and most of the kids I know would say it is their favorite!

Have the children line up in the center of the court, while putting 2 children on the other side. (If you have a larger group, say 7 or more, put 3 or 4 people on the “other side”)

Next, have each child hit the ball and the two people on the other side try and catch it before it bounces twice! If they catch it the hitter is “out” and the kid that caught the ball comes round to begin hitting!

Tennis Drills For Kids #2 – Around The World

Around the world is the type of drill that will burn off some of that excessive kid energy.

Half the players line up on one side while the other half, line up on the other. The ball is then fed to a player who hits the ball then runs round to the other side.

Each player has three lives and when it gets to the last two players or the “final” 🙂 The players have to hit the ball, drop their racquet, spin around and pick it back up.

Tennis Drills For Kids #3 – Ping Pong

I find this drill great fun. Two teams line up on either side of the court, and establish an order.

For example, person A hits first then goes to the back of the line then person B hits and likewise rotates to the back. Try encouraging the kids to move forwards by giving three points for finishing at the net.

Tennis Drills For Kids #4 – Three, Two, One

This drill works well for large numbers of children and is quite similar to the fundamentals of volleyball! Have half the children on one side spread out over the court. Make sure there is only one kid at the net, and the rest are at the back or in the mid-court.

Feed in a ball and let them play out the point. After every 3 points rotate the kids so that they get use to playing from all the different areas of the court.

Tennis Drills For Children #5 – Consistency Count

Maybe not the most fun drill but, nevertheless, a very useful one. If you have one kid pick a number say 10, 15 or 20 depending on the level. Keep feeding them balls till they make the goal. If there is two then they would have to get 20, 30 or 40 which is harder.

It is important not to stop till they make the goal, so make sure the set target is a realistic one for their level.