If you master the tennis footwork drills below, then your tennis footwork will intensify and your all-round tennis game will become more simple.

It is common to see people make vast improvements as they increase their speed, coordination, and balance. Just check out any player that is in the ‘zone’. His or her feet will be light and quick. He will feel as if he can get to anything and hit everything. Isn’t this one of the primary objectives?

Now watch a player that is playing badly. He will be sluggish and may shout out something like “MOVE YOUR FEET!” or “YOU ARE SO SLOW!”

tennis footwork drills

Anyways, we can see that we need to stress that good tennis footwork and good tennis footwork drills facilitate playing well 🙂

So without further a do, here are the tennis drills!

Ladder Tennis Footwork Drills

Grab one of those rope ladders and lay it out on the ground! If you do not have one take a look at the equipment section or you could try making your own ladder, by chalking the ground, or any other imaginative devices you can think of!

The first ladder drill is commonly known as “1 and 1”. Do this by placing one foot in front of the other in each of the squares.

Once you reach the end of the ladder, turn around and do the same back. It should be quick, but you should never touch the ladder. This is the easiest exercise for ladder tennis footwork drills.

Then, do “2 and 1” This is when both feet (one after the other) hit the first square, then, only one of your feet hit the second square. The third square will be two feet again and so on.

There are tons of variations you can do, but the goal is to gain coordination in your feet. Try it backwards, sideways or even make up your own.

Your feet should be accustomed to moving quickly afterwards.

Cone tennis footwork drills

Tennis balls work just as well for ‘cone tennis footwork drills’ and especially for this next one.

Spider drill Some people call it the fan drill, but I think spider sounds better. You will need 5 balls. Prepare this drill, by putting a ball on the:

Right hand corner of the singles court.

Put another ball where the service line joins the doubles alley (should be on the same side-line as the previous ball just closer to the net)

Another ball goes on the ‘T’ of the service line , where the two service boxes join.

The last 2 balls are placed on the backhand side parallel to the first two.

Now you have to get those balls back to the center. The key here is not just to run. This is a footwork drill specific for tennis as it targets all the different movements you will do in your match so:

cross over to pick up the lateral balls.

side step to pick up the diagonal balls.

run to get the ball on the service box.

Keep in mind to run backwards after you have picked up each ball, that way you will always face the net, like in a match.

A good idea is to time yourself in this drill.

Partner tennis footwork drills

Response drill this is truly one of the best tennis footwork drills you can do for your tennis.

It is specifically for tennis. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as just “jumping over a cone” or “skipping” which is less specific for tennis footwork.

You will agree on some terms with your partner. Lets say, if he raises his right arm, you move laterally to the right and keep moving till he lowers it.

Remember the first step should ALWAYS be a crossover if moving laterally in tennis it is so much quicker.

Then, he might raise both arms above his head this signals you have to run forwards till he lowers them. Arms straight out in front, for example, might mean move straight back. He can then mix it up how he wants 🙂 abuse the power.

The response drill is very effective for tennis footwork as:

The player always has to be alert. Do not be too surprised to find yourself charge off in the wrong direction sometimes!

The player has to look in front.

It can be quite a fun tennis drill.

The player has to change directions quickly and have explosive tennis footwork.

The player has to practise all the tennis footwork that might arise in a tennis match. He then gains the ability to move in any direction at any time with immediate response.

It will help you adapt to surface change.