If you are a competition addict, like me, then tennis drills will probably be less fun as getting out there on a clay tennis court and playing some points.

Nevertheless, it so important. There must be a balance between training and competition. If you are well prepared it inspires confidence and therefore relieves pressure in important points.

On top of this, If you play too many points you could be grooving in bad habits or forgetting your plan of what you want to work on.

tennis drills

Now, I am going to organize the important drills for each section and style of tennis. They could be called the ‘bringing home the bacon drills.’

Once you have had fun checking them all out, choose the most suited ones and then all that is left is to get out on the court, practice your drills, and bring your A game.

The drills are:

Tennis footwork drills

Fun drills

Drills for beginners

Doubles practice drills

Drills For Kids

When you practice your drills, please take note that their are BETTER ways and WORSE ways in doing them.

To improve your game in practice, you should have a set of goals that you want to achieve before you walk onto court. Just hitting balls, trying to make balls in the court, or win the drill, is not specific enough to truly gain confidence in your strokes.

Some players write their goals down before they walk on court. Just to remind themselves. I recommend you try this at the beginning. Maybe your goal for the week of practice or even day is to practice your deep spin balls. It could be first or second serve percentage or even a specific serve.

There are endless options, just try to achieve your goals. Then in match play you will more than ready to go!